Wikipedia on Britannica

The ongoing dispute between wikipedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica came to a head with Nature’s 2005 article in which the author’s asserted that there was not much difference in accuracy between the two publications – drawing the ire of traditionalists everywhere.

Wikipedia users, of course, continued the debate in the only way they know how, by creating and updating a page which catalogued errors discovered in Britannica – that had been corrected on wikipedia. Check it out here.

As my colleague Graham Meikle suggests: “There’s something so profoundly *Internet* about that — the level of geekiness, the pedantry, the trivial pop culture (Frank or Francis Zappa?) crossed with point-scoring grad-student-concerns
(what nationality does Castells travel under?) and high-level Maths/African anthropology.”

An interesting page regardless.


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  1. Graham Meikle on

    I did say that, though should perhaps add that I prefaced those remarks with “That is completely brilliant” and ended them with “That’s my new favourite page”;-)

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