More on the A & R story

Some followup on yesterday’s Angus and Robertson story at Lavartus Prodeo. The gist of the discussion seems to be that A & R’s attitude should be punished and booklovers need to buy their books from independent booksellers. Which is a noble sentiment, and viable if one happens to live near good bookshops. Unfortunately, the independent bookseller is being squeezed by the other end of the industry. There was a report a few weeks ago that Gleebooks could buy the latest Harry Potter title from KMart at a better price than from the publisher. Marginalising independents is global – and from all reports, in many countries it’s resulting in their demise.

So it seems that big booksellers are squeezing small publishers and big publishers are squeezing small booksellers. As usual, readers (and authors) are the ones caught right in the middle of all that squeezing.

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