Jon Evans’ iTome

Jon Evans is the author of politically motivated thrillers, whilst I am a mere reader of such fictions, But he and I share a vision of the future. In the September 07 issue of Canadian magazine, The Walrus, he writes that “Book publishing is a dinosaur industry, and there’s a big scary meteor on the way.”

To Evans, there will be an ebook revolution, once ebook readers are good enough (and he appears to think the Sony Reader is actually good enough.

He continues…

Suppose Apple released an electronic-paper iTome, I thought, and suppose it was easy to use, reasonably priced… Suppose, further, that it was convenient, even sexy. Would there still be something sacred and special about bound sheaves of paper? Or would we soon see them supplanted by iTome on the subway, in the classroom, even curled up beside the fireplace? Doesn’t sound so bad to me. But the idea is like a can of poisonous snakes to most book publishers…

Read it here.


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