Mobile Mania

A couple of people pointed to a piece on O’Reilly Radar yesterday, which itself referred to an article in the Wall Street Journal. It seems that the Japanese are beginning to embrace the idea of reading novels on mobile phones:

In Japan, the cellphone is stirring the nation’s staid fiction market. Young amateur writers in their teens and 20s who long ago mastered the art of zapping off emails and blogs on their cellphones, find it a convenient medium in which to loose their creative energies and get their stuff onto the Internet. For readers, mostly teenage girls who use their phones for an increasingly wide range of activities, from writing group diaries to listening to music, the mobile novel, as the genre is called, is the latest form of entertainment on the go.

Or even more intriguingly, some authors are actually writing their novels on cellphones. And Japanese book sales mirror international trends (down, down, down), books that began their life on cellphones and migrated to paper are selling well. Like, ‘over a million copies’ well. I’ve read a few things on my smartphone (more on that to come) but my life doesn’t totally revolve around my handheld devices. At least not yet.


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