A newsagent without newspapers

From The Times Online, a piece that reflects the slow demise of the print newspaper. The author seems surprised that her local newsagent no longer sells newspapers.

I wanted a Times, a Post and hell, why not push the boat out another 25c a Daily News. There was nothing there. Nor was there going to be, ever again. My local newsagent doesn’t sell news anymore.

When I asked in a state of shock where the papers were, he told me his days of selling newspapers were over. It was “too much bother” and “not worth it”, he said.

It’s probably not a surprise to those of us who live on the intertubes – just another small milestone on the road to the end of print.


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  1. Kate Eltham on

    Hi Sherman, I’m reading Margaret Simons’ The Content Makers at the moment. It provides an elegant treatment of the future of journalism and media, particularly in the Australian context. She gives over a good amount of spac to looking at newspapers. Enjoying it muchly.

  2. Chris Oliver on

    Sherman, Such a sad item (the paperless agency). The same sort of thing is happening in camera shops – the film market has died so they’ve reduced their ranges. I can’t wait for the new digital future in which I can download much loved books like Diana Athill’s Stet (out of print) and fascinating ones I want to re-read like Kathryn Flett’s A Heart-Shaped Bullet, and Richard Butler’s Saddam Defiant.

  3. shermanfyoung on

    I’ve got to admin, I still feel bereft without my newspaper in the morning, but a big part of me thinks it’s only force of habit that makes me spread out the broadsheet rather than waking the Powerbook from sleep to read the news. I certainly buy far fewer magazines than I used to – and my subscription to the Guardian Weekly wasn’t renewed a couple of years ago…

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