Amazon’s Kindle Soon?

I often use the phrase ‘amazon without waiting for the shipping’ when asked to desribe what an ebook future should look like. Amazon probably thinks the same, and rumours of the bookselling giant entering the ebook market have been swirling around for a while. Gizmodo thinks it’s really close. Llike Monday or Tuesday next week. As they say:

this thing could destroy the Sony reader

Although, there’s probably not much there to destroy. And just so Amazon understands its place, Espom have their own take on the ebook reader, which gizmodo covers here:

The device’s form factor is at least as thin as Sony’s Reader, but it has a 1200×1600 display.

Only a prototype, but 230 dpi!!


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  1. BFlint on

    I have just been on Amazon 20/11/07, and Kindle is advertised for sale. Looks great. Would be good if one could also type notes on blank pages and highlight text on downloaded books – not sure if it does?

  2. shermanfyoung on

    According to gizmodo:

    • Can you underline text? Not exactly, but you can “highlight” which places a thin box around the text you want to call out, so in a sense, you are doing the same thing. You can also add margin notes to specific passages.

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