Kindle and the small cloud…

One of the much-touted features of Amazon’s kindle is that it is untethered. You don’t need a computer with an internet connection to buy books, because the kindle itself connects to amazon via Sprint’s evdo network to let you buy and download the lastest New York Times best-sellers. Of course, that means that global sales of the kindle are a bit hamstrung – that feature won’t work anywhere where there is no Sprint network. Nor, of course, will it work, where there is no Sprint network in the USA. The good folks at Gizmodo thoughtfully provide a coverage map, and in some places it’s pretty bleak. Whilst you can get ebooks onto the kindle in other ways, try explaining to your mum that you need to check for cellphone coverage before you buy a book…


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  1. genevieve on

    Hello Sherman. I have come here via an invitation to a forum at AWM Online – can I just say I’m a bit concerned that this blog template renders your posts almost illegible.
    Very, very hard to read. Any chance you could do something about that soon? as I would like to add your blog to my new media list at reeling and writhing.

  2. genevieve on

    Oh, boomer. That’s much better, thank you.

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