Dymocks goes iLiad

I noted the other week that Dymocks didn’t appear to have any ebook devices on which to read their much-touted electronic library. Well, it didn’t take long. Accroding to the Sydney Morning Herald, they’re now selling the iRex iliad for a terrifying $899 (AUD).

Now, the iLiad’s been getting pretty good reviews, but at that price, I can’t see them flying off the shelves. Just for comparison, the kindle and the sony reader are less than $500 in equivalent currency (although not available in Australia) and have a wider range of titles for the moment.

Sounds like a broken record, but I don’t think the ebook thing will take off until (1) the reading experience is ‘good enough’ compared to printed books, (2) ebooks are more convenient and (3) there’s a cost advantage. We’re pretty close with (1) getting there with (2), and at nearly a thousand bucks to read a few books, a long way from (3)


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  1. genevieve on

    Agree, that price is horrendous. Isn’t there something called the Quokka in the works too – from Adelaide or thereabouts?
    I think Graeme Philipson wrote something about it in the SMH a few months back.

  2. shermanfyoung on

    Yeah, the quokkapad. Don’t know a lot about it, but it appears to be a tablet style PC running linux, and using a colour LCD screen (unlike the e-ink screens of the kindle etc). Along those lines, the Asus EeePC looks good at $500!!

  3. Luin on

    I’m also eager to get my hands on one of these but $899 is a big ask. Apparently its twice the size of a Sony / Kindle hence the price difference.

  4. shermanfyoung on

    Hi Luin

    I’m trying to make time to check it out this week. Will post something if I manage to get a hands on 🙂

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