NYT Kindle Review

Quick link to Randall Stross’ New York Times review of Amazon’s Kindle reader. In a nutshell, Stross likes it:

My wife, skeptical that a digital screen could ever approach the readability of ink on paper, was so intrigued by the Kindle when it arrived last week that she snatched it from my grasp. I haven’t been able to pry it away from her since. 

But he spends most of his article defending the book industry against Steve Jobs’ “nobody reads books” line from last week. Me thinks he protesteth too much (and forgets that Jobs is a master of misdirection.) Whilst I doubt that ebooks is a focus of Apple’s attention, I’m not alone in thinking that there will be a big brother for the ipod touch that does ebooks better than most things around. But that’s for another post. For the time being, chalk up at least one more ebook convert. 


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  1. Kate Eltham on

    Hi Sherman,

    Came across this post by a publishing industry blogger which is relevant:


    Hopefully future Kindle versions will be able to hold more data. But oh for a universal file format!


  2. shermanfyoung on

    Thanks Kate. There’s a few kindle reviews around now – it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s the magic bullet 🙂

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