Amazon buys Audible

In what appears to be a move to dominate in the provision of book content in all its ‘e’ forms, Amazon has purchased Audible, the audio book company:

More digital ambitions from Amazon: The company is buying audio book pioneer Audible for $300 million. The $11.50 per share price is a 24% premium above yesterday’s close; it gets Jeff Bezos a company that lost $192,000 on sales of $27 million in its last quarter. 

As many have commented, much of audible’s revenue seems to come from itunes sales so it remains to be seen what this means for audiobooks in that channel. There is some suggestion that the Amazon takeover will mean that the Apple deal will not be renewed. I’m not so sure. Whilst the kindle does have rudimentary mp3 playing software, it would seem kind of shortsighted to ignore the biggest pmp market on the planet. After all, the Amazon music store sells non-DRM protected files that will play on ipods. Whatever happens, I suspect the names Apple and Amazon will continue to pop up in this space…  


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