nintendo joins the party?

When it comes to handheld devices, the Nintendo DS is probably one of the most popular around – riding the trains in HK last year, I was staggered by the number of people toting DS lites and playing games whilst hanging on to the MTR railings. All the more so because many of them were female (unusually for a gaming device). Now comes word that the big N may be exploring the ebook market. Well, dipping a very tiny toe in. In Japan, there’s a title called DS Novel which consists of a hundred classics of Japanese literature on a DS cartridge. And maybe there are plans for a similar title in Europe. Given the DS Lite’s widespread appeal (the whole family loves the machine that is notionally *mine*), it may be interesting to see if the act of ‘reading’ can replicate the success of ‘brain training’! Not sure that the screen resolution will cut it for serious e-bookery, but if it does happen, it might be another example of a ‘good-enough’ multi-purpose device (rather than the dedicated ebook reader).


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