Reality Check

Latest idpf figures on wholesale sales of ebooks in the USA make for sobering reading. Whilst there is some growth (sony and kindle anybody), sales for the last quarter top out at around 8 million dollars. That’s million with a ‘m’. Barely a rounding error on a rounding error for the multi-billion (that’s billion with a ‘b’) printed book publishing industry.Teleread has its take on this and places much of the responsibility on print publishers, who don’t (as well as being paranoid about copyright infringements) appear to have embraced an e-culture:

Many traditional book people are uncomfortable with tech and the mechanics of transferring books from machine to machine and among different brands. Perhaps they think all consumers are the same. Not so. Young people, especially, plan to trade up to new machines and move books around on their existing ones–overwhelmingly without piracy in mind.  


Like I say in the book, cultural change is *much* harder than technological change. But it does happen – and those who drive the change are often the ones who benefit the most. 


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