Kindle Anecdotes

Amazon hasn’t told the world exactly how well the kindle has been selling. But there’s a bit of anecdotal evidence popping up that it’s actually doing very nicely – and better than the Sony Reader apparently. The latest hint comes from alleyinsider:

Evan Schnittman, head of biz dev at 35,000-title textbook publisher Oxford University Press, says a pal at one of the “biggest trade publishers in the world” called him this week, shocked at how well Kindle-formatted books had sold in December, just after the Kindle’s launch. … he says the sales have turned him from a digital skeptic to a believer, and that he’s now rushing to finalize a deal with Sony to format Oxford’s books for its Reader. 


Of course, kindle lets you buy direct from Amazon, whereas the Reader is a little less direct; and the range and cost of either don’t compare to print yet. But it does suggest that once the industry gets the price/performance mix sweetspot, the market is there. Yes, some of us actually *want* to buy ebooks! 


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  1. Mark Thwaite on

    This is good news for those of us positive about ebooks (and net book culture more generally).

    As the Kindle grows in sales other better e-books will come onto the market, some of the e-ink etc. techology will be fitted back into laptops/pda’s, e-reading will become more generally accepted and e-books easier to get hold of.

    But the locked-in nature of the Kindle experience is a big disappointment. Why free books up only to have them locked back into proprietary formats?

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