iphone opens up

Well, not strictly true, but today Apple released a SDK (software development kit) for geeks who want to (legitimately) write applications for the iphone; together with a super-easy application store for users to buy the programs they write. For the rest of us it means that there will finally be a proper e-book reader for the iphone; one that isn’t hamstrung by the limitations of existing iphone hacks. (Well, OK there will be a proper e-book reader provided someone writes one – but geez, if no-one else does it, I’ll sign up for the free SDK, learn Objective C and write one myself!!). We’ll have to wait until June for the firmware upgrade that lets this whole show run, but down here in Oz, we’d be lucky to get the iphone officially by then anyway. The (First and) Last word goes to Fake Steve Jobs (who *is* joking, I think):

BlackBerry is dead. Microsoft is dead. Windows Mobile is dead. Amazon is dead. Kindle is dead. Nokia is dead. Motorola was already dead but now they are even more dead. Google’s Android is dead. Samsung is dead. LG is dead. Sony is dead. UTStarcom is dead 


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