Don’t Panic

When I was younger, I loved The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; and even now have a copy of the audiobook on my ipod somewhere. Whilst it began life as a BBC radio series, it was brought to life for me in book form – and I devoured everything that the late Douglas Adams turned his hand too (including being fascinated by his Starship Titanic project, despite it being Windows only :-)). Anyhow, today apparently marks the 30th anniversary of the HGTTG radio series and the BBC has an online piece that marks the occasion. Of relevance to deadbookers are two things: (1) that the fictional guide itself is something of the ultimate e-book; and (2), the mystical 42 (the answer to the ultimate question) *may* have bookish roots:

Ever since, speculation has been rife as to what Adams meant. There is the “paperback line theory” – 42 apparently being the average number of lines on the page of a paperback book. Was Adams paying homage to the medium of his success? 


Apparently, only Stephen Fry knows what Adams was on about. And he’s not telling… 


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