Borders not yet sold

Just when we thought that Angus and Robertson would devour Borders and that bookselling in Australia would become the playground of private equity interests, news is out that the A&R bid has failed and Borders is still looking for buyers. 


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  1. Rebecca on

    Hi There,
    I know this is not the place to post this comment but I couldn’t find anywhere else on your blog to do so.

    Just finished The Book Is Dead…and loved it. I’m about to start helping design a university course based around the future of journalism and communication and I most of what you’ve said is what we’re contemplating. Hehehe…even looking at using your book as a recommended text!

    Just had a couple of things to mention though, that you may not have encountered. For fun, I write romances. The erotic kind. My publisher is an ebook publisher. They sell for one price directly from their site and for a little more on Fictionwise. After books (and indeed authors) have proven themselves capable of sustaining a bit of a following, or for special book events, they have books printed POD. Turns out to be a great deal and works really well as far as I know.

    You’re right, the editing process is still necessary (sometimes she shreds me…other times she’s quite complimentary). As is the opportunity for a community to form around the book and author. To facilitate this, my publisher host a blog where authors appear on a rota system for a bit of a chat and discussion about characters. We also do the usual promo stuff and some have even been known to raffle off hero/heroine names etc for the next book!

    As writing (and indeed academia) is, by and large, a solitary undertaking, it’s wonderful to find a place filled with such interesting/interested characters.

    Perhaps the future of e-books will begin with those books people don’t want to be seen reading in paperback or hardcover!

    Oh and we’re all discussing your ‘dead book’ at Avid Reader in Brisbane’s West End soon. It’s a book club for writers…what a novel concept!

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