Kindle on fire… ??

Amazon users today saw an interesting open letter from Jeff Bezos apologising for the delay in kindle shipping. According to Bezos, the ebook reader that can has seen staggering demand, and Amazon just can’t make enough of them, quickly enough. The wait list is now about 6 weeks, and this kind of news tallies with anecdotal suggestions that the kindle is outselling the Sony reader (its most obvious direct competition). Actual sales figures would be nice – and I still don’t see kindle as being *the* killer device. But it is another step in that journey of a thousand clichés. More discussion at Engadget.


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  1. Kate Eltham on

    Joe Wikert has an interesting comment about what an all-you-can-eat content subscription model could do for the Amazon Kindle:

    This kind of model could really heats thing up competitively in the e-book space. After all, if there’s an all you can eat iTunes subscription, there’s a lot of built-in inertia for subscribers and little incentive to switch. If Apple moves first on this the only thing Kindle has going for it is masses of content (locked behind DRM) – and, to be fair, that is not insubstantial.

    I just don’t think Kindle will tip it in the end. It could never achieve the same ubiquity as a next-generation phone.

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