E-Books in my library

Was in (another) meeting the other morning, and alerted to some interesting bits and pieces. Apparently, ebooks have now taken off, according to our University Librarian. The numbers are interesting. In 2005, the library acquired a few hundred; last year it was pushing 70,000 (yes, seventy thousand). A number which dwarfs print acquisitions and represents ebook growth of some absurd percentage over two years. I haven’t had time to dig deeply, but it appears that the ebooks aren’t designed for download to any particular reading device, but just designed to be accessed right there on a PC browser window. So, in the academic niche, the killer device doesn’t seem necessary…


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  1. Rebecca on

    This is how we read many journal articles now anyway isn’t it? So it doesn’t seem too much of a leap into books. Especially from the point of view of convenience and immediacy, e-books are a godsend for an academic…LOL…provided we can stop them from printing everything they want to read!

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