Content the Old-Fashioned Way…

One of the problems (ok, probably the big problem) with e-book readers is getting the content. It’s pretty easy to get your self a sony reader, or an iliad or an iphone, but buying e-books still isn’t a satisfying experience. As well as being too expensive (I do go on about that!) there’s not the range of titles required to make it worthwhile. Unlike an ipod, which can be filled with content from your friendly bit-torrent networks (for research purposes of course), it’s hard to find a decent selection of books in the darker recesses of the net. And also, unlike an ipod, which can be filled with music ripped from CDs you already own, it’s hard to scan the books you already have. Or is it? I stumbled across a forum post from an iliad user who suggested he does just that. Except he buys cheap second hand books to scan. And before you say “doesn’t it take hours to scan a book?”, he uses a Snapscan and does it in ten minutes or so (which is about the time it takes itunes to rip a CD):

I’ve had a lot of success with the fujitsu snapscan 510s. It’s a great feed scanner that’s relatively cheap. I’ve scanned about 50 books through it for a total of 10 000+ pages with zero mis-feeds. I can scan a 500 pg book in just over 10min. Most of that time is spent surfing while it scans. 

Only thing is you have to rip your p-books apart to feed them into the scanner. Maybe that’s the price of progress 🙂 


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