That’s better!

One of my big bugbears is the time it takes for p-books to get from the author having signed off on the proofs to the finished product on the shelves. In the case of my book, it was over six months, for whatever reason. (Note that’s six months from *after* the editing is complete, and the layout has been approved). In 2008, you’d think it could happen a little bit faster (notwithstanding my contradictory argument that the key feature of books is the investment of time they demand of us all :-))

Happily, things are moving along, and there’s a nice read on Teleread about George Soros’ new book:

Ten days [after submitting the manuscript], on April 3, having been through the full range of publishing procedures-copy-editing, design, proofreading, and so on-the book was offered for sale, exclusively as an e-book…

Of course, being a mega-billionaire might help in pulling a few strings at your local publishing house 🙂


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