The Elusive E-Book

Stephen Leary points to a cover piece in this month’s American Libraries magazine (which doesn’t seem to have many actual articles online) that dismisses the idea that ebooks are going to happen any time soon. According to Leary, the piece examines the Kindle and Sony Reader, and argues that they won’t work because “people won’t read entire books on these readers”. 

As Leary points out, there are many arguments why the current generation of e-reading devices will probably not be the ones that change the lay of the land. But E Annie Proulx’s old argument that “Nobody is going to sit down and read a novel on a twitchy little screen. Ever.” is not the most convincing of approaches. (Although there are arguments about perception and reality that probably need to be addressed.) Anyhow, I’m in the middle of doing a paper on why (I think) e-books are still elusive, so I’ll post more on this later. 

(via teleread)


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