MacMillan goes Digital

Susan Wyndham’s Undercover blog tells us that Macmillan down under is launching its digital publishing program:

Including authors such as Matthew Reilly, Di Morrissey, Helen Garner and Andy Griffiths, Macmillan has about 400 books from its backlist in three ebook formats – Adobe eReader, Microsoft Reader and Mobipocket – and an online version.

Just as a test, I went to the Macmillan online bookstore. Here’s some thoughts. The range is small, but there were a few titles that I would be happy to buy. But the value equation is still not there – an electronic version of The Book Thief is listed at $18.14 – for $19.95 (inc GST) I found a paperback edition of the same book at a bricks and mortar shop. Like I said, for e to be convincing, it has to be better than p. And,for most of us, better means cheaper.

Update: I’ve just come across a press release  (pdf link) from Dymocks which suggests that Dymocks has a 6 month excllusive on Macmillan digital titles (and numbers those titles at 750). Which is a little confusing seeing as it appeared that I could buy directly from the MacMillan online store (although I didn’t actually purchase anything, so it may not be possible). Instinctively, I’m not a big fan of exclusive distribution deals – but if that’s what it takes for Australian publishers to embrace ebooks, then so be it…


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  1. Osha Gray Davidson on

    I started a blog yesterday and discovered today that you have one with essentially the same name! Sorry about that…I’ll be sure to post a link to yours.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. Please check out and see the discussion there.

    I’m a freelance writer and author and I couldn’t agree with you more about this being a time of transition. I’m trying to create a “value-added” format for books, using new media to add that value. Price will always be important, of course, but I’m thinking about “books” that give the reader a lot more for his/her money.

    Before I go — is there a reason you’re not using RSS? I’d like to subscribe to your blog, but I don’t see the feedmarker.

  2. shermanfyoung on

    Hi Osha

    The feed can be found at :


    I’ll be sure to check out your blog



  3. Osha Davidson on

    Downloaded and read chapt. 1 of your book. Liked it so much I immediately pre-ordered it from Amazon. Hope it arrives soon.

  4. shermanfyoung on

    Hey Osha

    Thanks for that. Hope you enjoy the rest of the book too 🙂



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