Kindle on fire (?) part 2

Reports are in that Jeff Bezos, in a conversation with Walt Mossberg at the All Things D conference stated that kindle represents 6% of sales of titles at Amazon. Which seems pretty remarkable. But as usual with kindle stats, there’s a lack of detail that raises more questions than it answers. Here’s the quote:

8:25 Mossberg: I liked the seamlessness of buying books, even though I had hardware reservations. How many have you sold?
Bezos: We haven’t shared this number before so maybe it qualifies as news for you…Kindle sales are 6% of books on the 125k titles available on Kindle. (via Gizmodo)

Let’s take apart the actual sentence: There are 125,000 titles available for the kindle. Of those 125,000 titles, 6% of sales are for kindle, 94% are for print. Still impressive, but skewed in all sorts of ways. For example, kindle owners need to read something and can only buy what’s available – which will push up the kindle vs print numbers on any particular title. (Case in point – I have a copy of Larry Lessig’s Free Culture on my iphone – partly because it’s one of the few books I want to read that’s easily available via the As well, we don’t know what the sales figures for those particular 125,000 titles – it could be 6% of not very much at all.

Without getting actual sales figures, it’s *still* impossible to tell how well kindle is doing. Come on Jeff, spill 🙂


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