A million Kindles?

Evan Schnittman over at OUP does a bit of kindle/reader speculating that wouldn’t be out of place over in the Apple blogosphere. Drawing on Digitimes reporting, which suggests that e-ink screens are being manufactured at a rate of 60,000-80,000 a month and trending upwards. Which leads him to suggest that Sony and Amazon will (together) sell 1,000,000 e-reader devices in 2008:

With production ramping up to 120,000 units a month these numbers will look much better – to the tune of a combined 1.4 million units over 12 months! Even with the Kindle out of stock for a big chunk of the first and second quarter, combined sales of these two e-ink devices in 2008 will most likely top 1 million.

That seems a lot and instinctively it feels optimistic, given that most estimates put sales to date at somewhere less than 100,000. I’m tempted to say that I’ve never seen a Kindle (or a Sony Reader) in the wild, but then that wouldn’t be fair since I’m down under. But then again, I have run into a large number of iphones in the wild in Sydney and you can’t get *them* here either!!

Read the comments for some feedback, and there’s more on the mobileread forums.

(via O’Reilly Radar)

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