iphone and eReader

For those living under rocks, Apple announced the second generation, 3G iphone last week with Australian availability (finally) on July 11th. More importantly though, the new iphone will allow the installation of applications, so we’re all waiting breathlessly for a ‘legitimate’ ebook reader. And it appears that, hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long. A post at jkonTheRun details a response from the Fictionwise/eReader folk about just such a toy:

We have two Mac development experts doing the work to make eReader function on the iphone/itouch right now. Apple will allow third party applications, like eReader, to be used by customers after the next iPhone/iTouch firmware update which is currently estimated to be released on June 30 and we expect to be done with our porting work at about the same time…

… which would make the contents of the ereader store available to us iphoneheads 🙂

(via Teleread)

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