More hybridity

No, I’m not talking about petrol/electric motoring, but what I see as a kind of transition mode of delivery – which combines the network effects of the Internet with good old fashioned touchy feely print on paper. In book publishing, there’s lulu and now would be magazine publishers have Magcloud. Both services provide a backend print and distribution service for people who can do the frontend – produce a pdf file and upload via their web browser. 

Years ago (OK, decades), a few mates and I tried to set up a magazine – and even managed to convince an investor to stump up six figures (just). We pulled the plug because we realised that low six figures just wouldn’t pay the bills after a few months, and the interest from adverstisers was, shall we say ‘mild’. Twenty years down the track, and we coulda been king of the world 🙂

Via Daring Fireball

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