An Emotional Response

Quick pointer to Mike Cane’s rant for the day:

Writers are dying — dying! — out there in the printed paper world.

I didn’t see Shakespeare & Co. closing their lower Manhattan store as a sign.

I figured since Borders opened a big store a few blocks away, it was another Wal-Mart Syndrome reaction.

But then within the past few weeks I’ve seen Barnes & Noble close two bigstores. And I mean big: multi-floored affairs, each which had a Starbucks-like cafe in them!

Of course, the situation in book trade is way more complex than Mike suggests. As much as I love my various bits of Cupertino-made gear (and desperately want one of Mike’s ‘ipod airs’), I’m sceptical about Apple singlehandedly being able to save the day. I’m just not sure that a killer ebook device (with or without ecosystem) is going to do the trick. I’ve been thinking about this stuff a bit lately, and will post more soon. Love the sentiment though!!


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