More on Plastic Logic

Following up on the last post on the Plastic Logic ereader, Gizmodo has more info, pics and links to a TGDaily piece with a video. Looks like it’s significantly bigger than kindle or Sony, but they’re aiming at a completely different, corporate market:

Plastic Logic’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Maureen Mellon, told us the reader isn’t really competing with the Kindle because they are aiming for the mobile business professional or “someone with a lot of documents already.”  For consumers, it comes down to a choice between a device that gets almost all of its content from Amazon, or to something with a huge screen that easily handles user-generated documents.

Of course, the street finds its own use for things, and if the price was right and the device could read the right file formats, then who knows. An iphone/Plastic Logic double act might suit many better than a kindle… We might have to wait awhile though:

Unfortunately, Mellon couldn’t tell us how much the reader would cost and everything is still in very early stages.  Another rep said, “It’s too early, we’re still changing stuff.”  He added that there isn’t even a data sheet yet on the reader.

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