An iPhone only magazine…

Apple’s iphone has provoked much discussion (some of it here) about its role as a possible replacement for print on paper. The iTunes app store already hosts ereader and stanza software, which allow the reading of downloadable books both commercial and public domain; as well as bundled stand-alone books that range from repackaged Project Gutenberg titles to original self-published tomes. In the magazine realm, allows iphone users to browse freely from a range of magazines from its digital newsstand. Now comes news of a bi-monthly fashion mag from New York social photographer Patrick McMullan. Called PMc, it’s available for 99 cents from the itunes app store. New Yorker magazine has a brief article quoting McMullan which gestures towards his motivation and mindset towards print:

“I shouldn’t say this,” McMullan continued, after a minute. “But I don’t have an iPhone.” (He uses an iPod to listen to music; he makes calls on a BlackBerry.) “But VogueVanity Fair—I can’t carry them with me anymore. They’re like books. Even the Times is easier to read on the computer.”


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