iPhone v Kindle (again)

Whilst the view from Tokyo is pretty interesting (and I’ll post on that later), the iphone v kindle debate gets kicked long. This time by Forbes magazine, which cites some numbers:

Stanza, a book reading application offered in Apple‘s (nasdaq: AAPL – news– people ) iPhone App Store since July, has been downloaded more than 395,000 times and continues to be installed at an average rate of about 5,000 copies a day, according to Portland, Ore.-based Lexcycle, the three-person start-up that created the reading software.

By comparison, Citigroup estimates Amazon will sell around 380,000 Kindles in 2008. Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey expects Sony‘s (nyse:SNE – news – people ) Reader will sell only a fraction of that number. In other words, Apple may have inadvertently sold more e-readers than any other company in the nascent digital book market.

Bear in mind that stanza is more for public domain titles than commercial ones. For buying trade titles, eReader is currently the biggest game in iphone town. Over at teleread, there are reports (from eReader.com themselves, oh that Amazon would speak so clearly) of similar numbers of downloads for eReader e-books:

As of the end of August eReader had been installed on just under a quarter million iPhone/iPod touch devices. Over 300,000 ebooks have been downloaded onto the iPhone/iTouch platforms from our store, and that does not include downloads of free books from places like Manybooks.com 

Or as Steve Pendergrast from eReader.com summarises:

The real story in 2009 will be iPhone vs. Android. iPhone vs. Kindle is a settled question.


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  1. the tech diva on

    I wrote about this recently. Stanza’s client software actually can do Kindle Conversions from different formats.

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