Another imperfect analogy

In the process of drafting a conference paper, I wonder if another imperfect analogy for the print to e-book transition is movies in the home. I haven’t thought it all the way through, so bear with me here… Movies were cinema-only for years, but some bright sparks figured that there might be people who wanted to watch them at home. And there was a little bit of activity in home movie projectors (albeit mostly for domestic home movies rather than cinema releases). At the same time, there was this thing called television – which started as kind of radio with pictures, but then evolved. They started showing movies on TV, then video players brought a new distribution method, followed by DVDs and a startling rush of what people began to call home theatre technologies (big screens, surround sound etc). Until today, movies at home is a totally legitimate alternative to movies in the cinema. 

Replace cinema with print, and movies in the home with e-books and bingo, an imperfect analogy. I guess one thought to derive from it is that home cinema didn’t come about from people creating cinemas in the home fifty years ago. Instead, it emerged from a television culture over a period of social, cultural and technological change – influenced by a number of factors. Anyhow, you get the picture 🙂


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  1. Taran Rampersad on

    It’s not so imperfect – there are some movies worth watching at a cinema, just as there are some books best read in book form.

    Consider this post I recently made – the contrast in the very beginning of the post:

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