Renting Textbooks?

Techcrunch has a piece on Clegg, a textbook rental service in the US:

Here’s how it works: students find the books they want by searching by ISBN, author, title or keyword. The rental price for the semester or quarter is just 20-30% of the full retail price, and are delivered within eight business days. At the end of the term, the students receive a pre-paid shipping box to return them. Students are even allowed to highlight books (but no writing in them)

Apparently it’s doing OK ($10m in revenues) and getting some investor interest. Personally, I’ve always liked to own my textbooks – I still have a copy of the Stanley Grossman Calculus text from first year university. Of course I never look at it, but it might come in handy when I have to explain differential equations to the five year old 🙂 To me, texts are references that I can go back to.

Renting a printed book means I lose that point of reference. And yes, I’d rather have an e-book I can keep. As it is, my current preferred modus operandi is to try and get everything electronically and keep it on the laptop – which means that in theory, all that I need to know is a simple spotlight search away. In theory. But that’s another story 🙂

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  2. […] Renting Textbooks? « The Book is Dead […]

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