New Sony Reader Review

I promised that I would review the Sony Reader I bought a couple of weeks ago– once I had read an entire book on it. Well, it’s been busy, and out of hours I’ve tended to game rather than read (hmmm…). Besides, the seven year old claimed the Reader for herself for quite some time there. Anyhow, I expect I’ll be in a position to write a proper review soon. Promise. For the moment, here’s a dozen words or so:

The Good: Screen is fantastic; battery life terrific
The Bad: Interface is crap; Mac Support requires third party software; the bookstore is US only (I haven’t checked it out in detail yet) and doesn’t have the selection of kindle
The Ugly: There’s a new one out with a touch screen interface that should be better.  Which is probably shipping about now…

In fact, here’s a review of the new Sony Reader (the PRS700 if you must). 

Don’t you hate it when the reviews of the new one come out before you get a chance to write about the *old* one!


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