Another step on the road to the heavenly library was recently launched last week, and promptly crashed due to overwhelming demand. Europeana, an EU project attempting to digitise a range of artefacts from paintings through texts, attracted 10 million hits per hour at launch. According to a Techcrunch article:

Technical challenges included harvesting and normalizing metadata from more than 1,000 different museums and libraries from around Europe. Half of participating cultural heritage institutions so far are French. The Louvre in Paris, the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (which contributed footage shot on French battlefields in 1914) and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam are three of the biggest participating museums…

Trying to access Europeana on the day of its launch, though, was akin to navigating the Vatican Museums in the tourist-thick month of August. It was impossible to see anything, as the project’s three servers were totally overwhelmed.

So it seems that the demand is there, just gotta work on the supply-side!

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