Another Small Step

I was sorting a synch problem with the iphone tonight when I noticed that there was an update for the Stanza app. Probably been there for a while, and I hadn’t noticed, as I don’t really pay much attention to app updates. Anyhow, as I looked into the update details, it was clear they were pushing the Pan Macmillan deal that was made public a few days ago. From Publishers Weekly:

Portland, Ore-based Lexcycle, makers of the Stanza e-book reader for iPhone, and Pan Macmillan, a UK wing of the Macmillan that includes the imprints Picador, Macmillan Children’s Books and Tor UK, announced a content partnership yesterday. The first set of titles was made available yesterday, and, according the Lexcycle, more titles will be added over the next 12 months. Currently available Pan Macmillan authors include Clive James, Peter F. Hamilton and China Mieville.

I had a quick squiz at the range of titles and it’s pretty small. What’s more, it’s Stanza’s ability to deal with Adobe’s eReader format (and I’m assuming, associated DRM) that makes this possible. As usual, the price is wrong. Take a look at the Clive Jame’s book – eleven and a bit pounds for the eBook, only a few quid more for the paperback. Love the In Stock stamp for the ebook though 🙂


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