Kindle Christmas Weirdness

I still can’t figure out Amazon’s kindle sales strategy. According to the company, it’s so popular that it’s sold out until after christmas. From AlleyInsider:

Amazon says its Kindle will take “11 to 13 weeks” to ship and that it will arrive “after December 24.” We assume that means the Kindle 1.0 is totally sold out — Amazon (AMZN) will introduce new Kindles early next year.

To me, that’s just weird. I know there’s a global financial crisis, but you’d still expect the holiday season to be the source of a huge number of sales. It seems that Amazon got their sales forecasts all wrong and ran out of kindles before they could ramp up more production. Some are suggesting that they’re just waiting for kindle 2 to be ready. Whatever the reason, it’s not the way you’d expect a consumer electronics company to organise their sales and distribution approach.


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