Holiday Plans

OK. So we’re about to embark on the annual road trip to the sunshine state (Queensland for non-Australians). Two adults, two kids, a golden retriever and a thousand kilometres or so of blacktop, bad food and listening to the kids movies. Maybe I’ll give them headphones this year!

Anyhow, the pertinent question is what books to bring. The missus has got a box of Christmas presents for her extended family (all print on paper) but we’re simply loading up the e-readers. We’ve got 2 iphones, a Sony Reader and a Dell Mini 9 that I picked up last month (and hacked for OSX so that I could stand using it). I’m thinking of getting the choose your own adventure title for the iphone for the kids – and the seven year old has become an Anne of Green Gables fan so that’s a start. A couple of Great Gatsby references in the press have made me download that for a re-read. And there’s always those free Random House titles to read. I guess the next couple of days before we go will be spent browsing the virtual bookstores. Beats finding parking at the local Borders the week before Christmas!

Look forward to a smackdown of Dell v Sony v iphone in the not too distant future 🙂


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  1. mikecane on

    There are plenty of freebies to be had too:

    PDFs are best suited to the Dell Mini (good work hackintoshing it!), perhaps.

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