Some interesting iphone apps for interesting times

We all know about stanza, ereader and classics for the iphone. But there are some interesting happenings outside of the normal text reading realm. I’ve stumbled across a few cool examples (I’m sure there’s more) in my late night app store shopping trips (window shopping of course!). 

The first is a choose your own adventure title that mimics the books I read when I was a kid. You know, the ones which end the page with ‘turn to page 25 if you want to battle the tiger.’ It was only a few bucks so I picked it up for the seven year old – I’ll let you know if she likes it, but it seems to almost exactly mimic what I remember of the genre.

The second is a manga version of The Wizard of Oz, which is simultaneously beautiful and unsettling. Chapter 1 is a free download, and then the following chapters are a buck or so each. A bit spooky for the kid, but very nicely done. One of many interesting graphic novel-related happenings for the iphone.

And finally, foodies amongst you might know of the classic Silver Spoon cookbook. Well, the iphone version has just been released for twelve dollars (in the Oz store). It looks the goods and includes a shopping list generator and timing aids for the actual cooking process. I don’t have a copy of the printed book, but a friend does and a quick look suggested that the 250 recipes in the iphone version pale in comparison to the number of recipes in the hardback. But then, I guess it *is* a lot cheaper.


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