Joe’s Memo to Jeff

And over at Teleread, Joe Wikert writes a memo to Jeff Bezos  that sums up the Kindle discussion pretty well. Joe makes a number of good points, and makes them well – the one that stands out for me is the pricing issue:

it’s way past time to come up with some new, creative pricing models. How about a monthly all-you-can-eat program? Or a discount on the device if I promise to buy x books in the first 12 months?

We all know that cellphones are (apparently) free. Here in Australia, even an iphone can be had for nothing upfront on the right contract. Of course, you pay for it over the duration of your contract – but it gives users another way to think about the device. And not a new way either. It’s been around since the razor are free, and you just paid for the blades. If Kindle were free, then the high price of ebooks would be somewhat less problematic.

The other thing I’d add to Joe’s memo is a footnote about the rest of the world. I know that territorial rights in the book publishing biz are beyond Amazon’s control, but surely if it can be done for music, then surely someone can at least *try* to make it work for books. And maybe the next Kindle could let users use their telco network of choice… OK, I’ve said it before, but maybe Jeff can just make the whole damn Kindle catalog of titles available for that other device. Then I’d send a thank you card 🙂


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