Kindle on the iphone speculation 2009 edition

I’ve always wanted amazon to build an iphone app for all the e-book titles it sells for the kindle. If only for the fact that it might be the quickest way for non-Americans to get access to kindle e-books. (Unless of course, the app is only made available on the US store). As they say, be careful what you wish for. There’s a bit of rampant speculation on the intertubes about such a thing actually coming to pass. For example, Macworld has this piece. It all seems to spring from this NYTimes piece and the money quote is this:

“We are excited to make Kindle books available on a range of mobile phones,” said Drew Herdener, a spokesman for Amazon. “We are working on that now.”

Not very much to get excited about really. But we cling desperately to every possible morsel 🙂

It’s all happening though – kindle 2 in a couple of days and google getting in on the act. I posted on New Year’s Eve that it felt like a change was coming. Maybe it is…


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