Speaking of Kindle 2

Which I’m sure you’ve all heard, was announced this week for shipping by February 24th. There’s a lot of coverage about the device, but it seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Nice summary of features here. Top threes from that post:


Kindle 2.0 High Points

  1. WhisperNet and Amazon’s great range of book titles (over 230,000 titles including 7,000+ free public domain classics etc.) are still the 31 feature and make the Kindle 2.0 the best eReader available.
  2. WhisperSync – synchronize across Kindle 1, Kindle 2.0, and soon across other mobile devices. Not only can you share books, you can also share the exact position in the book you were/are reading at – pretty cool in my opinion.
  3. Read to Me feature. Text to Speech is very cool and should be fun.

Kindle 2.0 Low Points


  1. Still Expensive at $359.
  2. Still not pretty.
  3. The lack of a colour screen  is another problem I have.

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  1. Joe on

    The Kindle does as well as can be expected without it being a touchscreen

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