Kindle in Australia?

So I downloaded the kindle app for iphone (using my US account, created from a Gift card long before the Oz store existed – for more current methods, see here) and I managed to download a sample book which was pretty seamless. The app works well enough, and is pretty snappy, but feature-wise it’s not yet a Stanza or eReader app, which are much more mature. Lots of reviews kicking around – see Pogue in the NYT for example. I haven’t yet been able to buy a book from the kindle store though – amazon won’t accept an Australian address. And not yet sure if they check for US only credit cards. Suggestions here that they do. I’ll keep exploring when I have time. Frustrating that you can buy p-books from them but they make you jump through hurdles for e-books. So last century.


2 comments so far

  1. C on

    Yes, they do check for credit cards issued by a US bank (which is totally stupid IMO)

  2. CaptainReality on

    Kindle is doomed. It’s clearly just a vehicle for Amazon DRM to lock you into using the Amazon store, and buying another Kindle when your current one breaks.

    No thanks. Amazon can keep their ugly-as-sin lock-in device. I’d rather stick with paper forever. Cheaper and easier.

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