SXSW Report

Lot’s of chatter on the net about a disappointing publishing panel at this year’s South by South West event. Apparently, the “New Think for Old Publishers” panel was anything but. Made up of representatives from traditional book publishing companies, with the addition of Clay Shirky, the session was not well received by an audience hungry for new ideas. From Booksquare:

Let me be clear. Absolutely clear. Not one word spoken in that session, either from the panelists or from the audience, was new or innovative. The panel, well, we’ve all heard job descriptions before. The audience? That was one very long line of people saying the same things we’ve been saying to the publishing industry for ten years. And yet the publishing people treated our comments as if they were items to be added to a list.

A list that will be filed in a drawer along with other conference ephemera.

Seems as though – years after napster, and itunes and bit-torrent and the web and everything else that’s been happening, old media types still don’t ‘get it’.


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