The Street has a rumour that Barnes and Noble is looking at launching their own e-book device to compete with Kindle et al:

Barnes & Noble , the nation’s No. 1 bookstore chain, is working with a device maker and Sprint  on a Kindle-like device, according to one wireless industry insider. The news comes a week after the CTIA wireless show, where sources say there was heavy speculation surrounding Barnes & Noble’s plan to give eBooks another try.

Of course, Barnes and Noble purchased fictionwise recently, so their move to ebooks is no surprise. Indeed, the street reminds us that:

Barnes & Noble has been through this before. In 2003, the company ended a three-year eBook partnership with Microsoft  and Adobe  the electronic publishing shop, after suffering disappointing demand for the tablet device.

I find it a bit weird that *booksellers* are making the moves in this space. Amazon in the US, and Dymocks in Australia. It’s probably a bit of a defensive move in an environment where publishers have greater possibilities to bypass the traditional retail channels. And hey, publishers aren’t exactly pushing the bleeding edge (apart from maybe that Murdoch fellow!), so I guess someone has to!!


Via techcrunch


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