Amazon buys Stanza

Hot off the e-press. The NYT has details on Amazon’s purchase of lexcycle, the year-old company that makes stanza, arguably the best of the iphone e-reading applications:

…the move indicates Amazon wants to consolidate its position on mobile devices, particularly within Apple’s ecosystem, which may include a tablet computer later this year. The Lexcycle team should also help Amazon stake out ground on Google’s Android phones, the Palm Pre and Windows Mobile devices — and perhaps eventually turn to more open e-reading formats.

Is this a tacit acknowledgement that book reading on convergent devices is more likely to happen than on stand-alone ones? Or is Amazon just killing the competition by buying it whilst it’s still (relatively) cheap. At the moment, the stanza app is way better than kindle for the iphone, so let’s hope that this doesn’t kill innovation…


(thanks Mark)


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