More Print is Dead – Jarvis on magazines

I’m probably not alone in spending less on magazines now than I did a decade ago. All my geek reading is now online, and just as printed newspapers seem dated by the time they reach my breakfast table, magazines seem positively ancient. And yet, zinio has yet to be as regularly used on my iphone as the New York Times app, or stanza for that matter. Anyhow, Jeff Jarvis turns his attention to magazines and concludes that they’re doomed too. Riffing on the death of Portfolio magazine:

So in a rare moment of preparing for a panel, I actually thought about what I thought and I concluded that magazines weren’t doomed. They have the unique value of slickness and focus that their publishers always brag about. And, I reasoned, magazines already were communities and so they should be perfectly positioned for the community-based internet. Magazines are collections of people who are interested in the same stuff. The challenge for an editor is to figure out ways to enable them to share with each other, to become a platform for that community.

Afraid I was wrong.


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