Wolfram Alpha – a possible future?

As we await confirmation of the rumoured big-screen kindle, it’s worth noting that there are mutterings about Wolfram’s new Alpha search engine. Rather than trying to be google, it claims to be able to identify ‘facts’ from that morass of data that sits in the great internet swamp. What’s the difference? According to Searchengineland:

Where’s all this information coming from? Unlike Google or a traditional search engine, Wolfram Alpha isn’t crawling the web and “scraping” information, a process where you try to extract data from a web page. Instead, it’s working with a variety of providers to gather public and private information. More important, it then uses a staff of over 150 people to ensure the information is clean and tagged in a way that Wolfram Alpha can present.

Hmm… sounds a bit like what publishers do, except with more computers 🙂


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