Kindle DX

As predicted on the rumour sites, Amazon released a bigger kindle today. The same as the old one, only with a bigger screen and an emphasis on newspapers (and education?) rather than books. No colour, no wifi, no video, no browser…  From the BBC:

The device is 250% bigger than the recently-announced Kindle 2 gadget.

The device has a built-in PDF document reader and the company announced deals with three leading textbook publishers to put their content on the reader.

Amazon announced deals with the New York Times, Washington Post and Boston Globe to put their editorial on the device.

The jury is out on whether this will help or hinder the ailing newspaper industry (kindle DX is nearly US$500 which is a lot of newspapers and a pretty damn good netbook). And I’m confused as to why companies feel the need to add meaningless letter combinations to identify different models. What does DX stand for anyway? 


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