The music store is dead…

Not quite, but we saw Tower records disappear a few years back, and now Manhattan’s last Virgin megastore is closed. From the New York Times:

It was the final day of business for the Virgin Megastore chain in North America, which at its peak had 23 locations but by Sunday was down to two: the 57,000-square-foot, two-level New York outlet, and a smaller Hollywood shop that was also set to close.

Of course, the reasons for the death of the Virgin Megastore are complex. As the Times piece points out, it was not just digital downloads, not just a global financial crisis, not just changing business approaches and owners. In truth it was a combination of factors. But to deny the impact of all things digital, particularly bittorrent and itunes would be foolish. Yes, the music industry is not the book industry. But….


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  1. Charlie on

    The book is safe for the time being I think.

    The technological issue of ebook readers is a long way from being resolved in my opinion. The current devices and just too expensive and too limited and laptops and just not convenient for carrying around.

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