Skate to where the puck is going…

slightly tangential headline, but with all the brouhaha surrounding the Australian Productivity Commissions Report on Parallel Importation in the book industry, an interesting counterpoint from Elizabeth Farrelly in the Herald, basically suggesting that the debate is moving to a different place:

So, with all this fuss about parallel importation and the death of the local book industry, I’m wondering if the cat isn’t out of the bag and halfway onto the neighbour’s roof already…

In championing the advantages of electronic books and their place (or lack of) in the current debate, Farrelly seems to be the first SMH op-ed author (apart from yours truly) to go public in support of e-books!!:

Maybe it’ll change nothing. Maybe we faithful-as-a-sheepdog Aussies will go on spending our annual $2.4 billion in local bookshops. But me, the minute there’s a Kindle you can read in the bath, I’m gonna have me one. Even if I have to move to Mauritius to do it.

I reckon you can already read a Kindle in the bath – you just don’t want to drop it. Then again, maybe you do!! 🙂


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  1. Kat on

    I’ve heard of people putting Kindles in a resealable bag so they can read in the bath. Aussie publishers need to sort out territorial rights for ebooks. It makes no sense to restrict digital books on the basis of geography. And it makes even less sense not to release ebooks for local authors whose books aren’t sold in overseas markets.

  2. Mark on

    Maybe you do want to drop it into the bath?

    I think not:

    All this new tech doesn’t mix well with bathing.

    That being said – isn’t there a strong argument for allowing both to work side by side. Books for home and the bath and eBooks for all other times (on the bus, waiting for the doctor, on your lunch break at work).

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